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Jul 8, 2011 7:00pm EDT
right and to go on that big rocket, and the hardware starts arriving this year or the first test article. soon we will have an announcement on the exact architecture for the rocket to go along with that so we are making progress. we are doing all that we need to do to help move us forward. so you know the shuttle program has been truly phenomenal and i take great pride in this team and thank them for all they have done. we have still got a lot to do before it is over and they are going to be doing a lot of work on orbit and then we will bring it home safe and i'm looking forward to that landing back here at the cape and shaking their hands after great mission. thanks for your support and we are going to get through this and we are going to do well. an awesome lunch today. >> thanks bob. after years of training they tell me to do things in the right order. i will start my remarks by telling you that mike tells you a lot and i will include that team back in houston and they are truly the best. it is an honor for this to serve with you, mike. the judgment they should did in the leadership t
Jul 15, 2011 7:00pm EDT
and so forth. we still consider our greatest risk to be a third party with a big piece of yellow iron digging a water well or some kind of trenching that is outside of our company. a sickly a third party is our greatest risk but it has the added effect of monitoring for surreptitious activity. if someone was out there to do us harm who is detecting it. beyond that it is a lot of emphasis being placed on the operators to understand what to look for and what to report, suspicious activities. be to reach out to her local law enforcement committees and invite them to our facilities and we get together and look at the facilities and we talk. so that those folks have it in their mind what we are, what we are worried about and what we are not worried about and are able to respond. it is a grassroots knit together awareness campaign across the system and we have even involved the general public and landowners. >> i know your challenges best. i know pipelines are where we wouldn't even imagine that they are. i think in working with the chairman i would like to suggest this is an important issu
Jul 22, 2011 7:00pm EDT
to announce the landing site in one of my major projects is preparing for operations and a big driver in operations as you can imagine. before we get into the characteristics of the gale site i would like to talk about the characteristics of a curiosity roper and how it compares to previous rovers and how capabilities are factored into the landing site selection. if you go to the first graphic, this is our family tree here, family portrait of rovers and they are kind of related. they are out of the jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena and a lot of the same people worked on all three of these rovers. starting with the mars pathfinder moving up to spirit and opportunity the mars exploration rover rovers that have been so successful and of course opportunity tracking along on the surface of mars years after landing much after its nominal mission. then you seek curiosity there on the right and as mentioned earlier this model of the rover is out in the hallway. you can take a look at it here at the museum. now the progression of size as to why they are getting bigger and the reason they a
Jul 1, 2011 7:00pm EDT
that the jump is not a big deal. you understand? you can make the jump in a lot of different industries. your colleague throughout the question, mr. carvin, i think it is a fair question to ask, i wanted to ask it to you directly. if they can compel this, what purchase could they not compel? >> as i said earlier, we are not arguing that the failure to buy something is what causes the economic activity that congress is regulating. he is looking at the wrong side of the transaction. he is looking at the means and saying if you can do that, the failure to buy something, it will always be commerce. that is not what congress said. congress said the status quo was once that was leading to cost shifting. you can imagine a president that forbade the government from forcing the purchase of a good in terms of a substantial commerce clause authority. it would not matter one bit. we're talking about the means. with respect to that, while there may be jumps in timing, in many circumstances this is not one of them. here health insurance is the way that most health care is paid for. 80% comes from non-out o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4